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I first met Mirjam over thirty years ago when we became friends and neighbours. She had a lovely statue tucked away in a corner of their living room, which she modestly told me she had made years before.I always hoped she would go back to to it as her talent was obvious. It was a very happy coincidence that Mirjam told me she had just made a few statues in the year that I was looking for a very special birthday present for my husband who was turning 70. She showed me the one of the little girl with upturned nose, pigtails and a feisty spirit but very sensitive eyes. It reminded me of my own daughter when she was young, my three granddaughters, and needless to say Mirjam’s own three girls which we had watched grow up. I knew I had found the perfect present combining beauty and memories in one piece of art. Mirjam’s upbeat character and appreciation of life is evident in her work. There is a beautiful attention to detail and gaiety to it all. The quirkiness brings it alive. Seen from all angles our statue is a joy to behold and bringing back awareness of the miracle of having little girls who brighten our lives.


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